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Welcome to Lil’ Zeke’s Mens Central Jail Bail Bonds. Our family owned and operated licensed and bonded Men’s Central Jail Bail Bondsmen has been in business for over thirty years. We cater to Los Angeles and the surrounding counties. As local licensed and bonded Bail Bondsmen, we serve all of the Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley and more.

At Lil’ Zeke’s Men’s Central Jail Bail Bonds, we are privy to the great strain unpredictable arrests have on those arrested as well as those involved closely in their lives. We also understand that getting arrested can be humiliating, embarrassing, and requires great fragility and confidentiality in handling.

The Men’s Central Police Department Jail Bail Bonds Address is as follows:

Men’s Central Jail Address:
441 Bauchet Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 974-4916

The Men’s Central Jail is located in Los Angeles, California.

The Men’s Central Jail is the largest jail in the world and holds an average of 5,000 inmates at any given time. The Men’s Central Jail offers custody services not only to Los Angeles county but also works in community outreach programs. Many of those in the Men’s Central Jail in need of a Men’s Central Bail Bondsmen.

It is often the default County jail for all the smaller police jails in Los Angeles where defendants and suspects are held. Often defendants will continue their stay at the Men’s Central Police Department Jail until they are either unconfined by the police on their own recognizance, Lil’ Zeke’s Men’s Central Bail Bondsmen puts up the necessary Bail Bond to post bail, or they are taken to the Los Angeles court for their arraignment date.

At Men’s Central Bail Bonds arraignment is the initial phase in most all California criminal court cases. The defendant is required to enter a plea to their charges of either guilty, not guilty or no contest. This is where you are local Men’s Central Bail Bondsmen issues your bail and bargains for a release date for the defendant. After Lil’ Zeke’s Men’s Central Jail Bail Bondsmen posts bail on the suspects behalf, the pretrial court date is scheduled.

In the case of felony charges, there are two parts to the arraignment; that before the preliminary hearing and that afterward. At the arraignment, the defendant is read their Constitutional rights. The next step in the legal Men’s Central Bail Bonds process is the defendant is informed of their official charges. This is where the plea of either guilty, not guilty or no contest is issued. In the case of being placed in custody for charges and before the Men’s Central Jail bail is set, the police MUST take you to court within 48 hours or they must let you go. No matter what your criminal processing entails, your local Men’s Central Bail Bondsmen is here to help walk you through the Men’s Central Bail Bond process step by step.

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Mens Central Jail Bail Bonds

441 Bauchet St
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