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Welcome to, your leading provider of Los Angeles County Bail Bonds and Glendale Bail Bonds. The City of Glendale Jail is a modest holding facility before those arrested are transferred to county jail. The Glendale City Jail is 32,000 square feet and has 48 cells with 96 beds. The Glendale City Jail is the third busiest jail in Los Angeles County with 500-700 people booked each month.

The Glendale City Jail handles much of the crime in Los Angeles and Glendale Bail Bonds are a practical necessity in Los Angeles. At Lil Zekes Bail Bonds, we are a family owned and operated business with strong core values. We understand the distress of being arrested and undergoing the legal system. Sometimes good people make mistakes or even do bad things and sometimes good people are wrongfully accused and arrested. When that happens, the Glendale Bail Bondsmen are 24 hours a day and 100% mobile. We do have offices in Van Nuys, CA. However, we can be reached at all times when you contact us through our website. We offer fast, reliable service and our clients are kept confidential. At Lil Zeke’s Bail Bonds, we go the extra length to help our clients with their Glendale Bail Bonds needs. We know that for those unfamiliar or new to the legal processing system, one can have many questions. This is why we are here to help answer and assist you with as many of your Glendale Bail Bonds needs as possible. We will help you find out bail amounts, answer and explain what bail is, how to pay it back, what happens when you win at trial and how to get your bail money returned to you, we help you find out about Glendale Bail Bonds court dates, and more. At Lil’ Zekes, our Glendale Bail Bonds for servicing the third busiest municipal jail in Los Angeles are fast, reliable, confidential and fair. We understand the inconvenience of being arrested and we know that it is a hard impact on anyone. Glendale, California has a crime rate of 41, with 100 being the safest rating possible. That is better than 39% of the national average. There are 288 violent crimes per year; at an average of 1.5 per 1,000 people. Now when you visit Lil’ Zekes you can call for your Glendale Bail Bonds today!

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