The Culver City Police Station is located at 4040 Duquesne Avenue in Culver City, California 90232 (Directions). The number to reach the jail is (310) 837-1221. When your loved one is arrested in Culver City, females are transported to a facility for women and men are taken into their Jail Facility there on location. As one of the biggest and most reliable Culver City Bail Bonds in Southern California, we have been providing Bail Bonds for Culver City arrestees and inmates with over thirty years of combined experience in our family owned and operated business. Our Culver City Bail Bonds offer 24 hours a day of availability, seven days a week. We are a fast and reliable service and are 100% mobile, as in we come to you. Work with local, professional, licensed, and experienced Culver City Bail Bondsmen to get instant Bail Bonds approval for the Culver City Jail today. We offer confidential, reliable, convenient, and affordable Culver City Bail Bonds so that you and your loved ones don’t need to haggle with any further undue stress. Most of our customers are never prepared for an unexpected ordeal such as being arrested or pressed with charges of any kind. The resulting panic and uncertainty can be unbearable at times. This is why Lil’ Zeke’s Culver City Bail Bonds offers free information on your loved arrestee. We will help you locate where they are being held, their charges, the case number, trial dates, and bail amount. When you contact Culver City Bail Bonds we collect some basic information and will offer instant Culver City Bail Bond approval. We offer competitive and fair interest rates as well as reasonable payment plans. Often times a bail can only be paid in cash and sometimes our customers don’t have cash but do have credit cards. We accept credit card payments over the phone and will post your bail in cash in the full amount.

Culver City Bail Bonds are posted on behalf of the inmate so that they do not have to remain in jail until their trial dates. In most cases if your loved one appears to court as promised, some if not all of the Bail posted will be refunded, leaving you only to pay our small interest rate. When you visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we will come to you and take care of posting bail for you or your family member immediately. Feel free to call Lil’ Zeke’s Culver City Bail Bonds at (866) 545-9353 today!

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